Frequently asked questions and answers

Rental agreement

Can I move in or out in the middle of a month?

No, all contracts last from the beginning until the end of a calendar month.

Can I move in before my contract begins?

No, this is normally not possible. However, if your apartment is empty before your arrival a special agreement can be made within 6 weeks of your original arrival.

How much notice do I need to give before moving out?

As per the local renting laws and contracts there is a three months termination notice for both parties. In rare cases this can be reduced if you find another tenant to uphold your lease.

Will my rent change during my tenancy?

We try to limit rent increments the best we can overall and especially within a contract period. All changes in rent are subject to a three months notice.

Can I extend my lease?

Yes, in many cases it is possible to extend your lease agreement. Please inform us as soon as possible to ensure your apartment or room is still available.

How do I confirm my application for an apartment/room?

As soon as we receive your safety deposit the apartment/room is considered booked by you for the agreed upon period.

My accommodation

Are there washing machines and dryers in the building?

Yes, all tenants have access to a shared laundry room in the basement of their respective building. Keep in mind the laundry room is only intended for current tenants.

Do I need to bring my own bed linen, sheet covers and towels?

No, included with the room is one set of bed linen, towels, one big and one small, and a bath mat.

What kitchen appliances are included?

All apartments are equipped with a fridge, a stove and a microwave.

Is cooking equipment and silverware included?

Yes, all kitchenware for basic cooking is included in the apartment. This includes pots and pans, cooking utensils, knives, cutting boards, plates, glasses and silverware.

Is there a desk in the apartment/room?

Yes, all apartments and rooms are furnished with at least one desk and a chair. Refer to the pictures of the specific room or apartment for more details.

Can I share my room or studio apartment with my friend or partner?

In case of a room in a shared apartment this is not possible. For studio apartments it is possible in some cases by special agreement, due to increased use of common spaces, utilities and laundry rooms this constitutes an increase in the rent.